Microscopic Frog: haunted poem of April 
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Sweetie,: poem of April and deathly January
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Quantum Parsley Revisited: poem of spring
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Ghost Light

Echoes of tomorrow 
I read the future is decided 
And time is elliptical 
And the days are mirrored 
In other dimensions
Who knows
The most humble chronicler 
Of quantum parsley

On Halloween 
I snuck into the basement of the cathedral 
On Mott Street
And heard a cat scream
And two wisps in the halls
My date said: I never see cool things


The dogs at the Pueblo were not skinny

Or unloved
They were wet and muddy
Just like us
They didn’t wear homemade boots like the women
Or blankets 
Or a hat like me
An old guy said to put the umbrella away
At the Easter drum dance
In the rain

The bed is a boat
Floating on a sleepy sea
Tossing or quiet
Floating on dreams
Landing at morning